Destination: Charleston, South Carolina
Known for: Rainbow houses, pirates, Stephen Colbert
Reason why: We decided to road-trip for our honeymoon because my office was closed for a week over the holidays. First stop: Charleston.

Flowers blooming in December:

Travel Monkey Husband:

Rainbow Row:

Local Courthouse (which actually looks a LOT like the main Post Office in Madrid):


Welcome and FAQs

**Updated October 2009**

What is this?

This is a site that we originally started to show our friends and family what we do in our spare time. It evolved into a journal of our exploits and various adjustments as I (Wife) moved to Portland, ME to care for my younger sister and her as-yet-unborn child and my husband moved to Honolulu, HI as part of a job transfer. Right now, we’ve lived in Hawaii together for almost two years and welcomed our own daughter, Maggie, in April 2009.

Where ya been?

Since we were married in December 2006, we have been to Charleston, Savannah, Tampa, and Pittsburgh, Manhattan, Chicago, southern Maine, San Francisco, Napa and Sonoma, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii. For three months in 2007-08 I lived in Portland to care for my sister and nephew Owen while Tom got us set up in HI. Tom has since traveled to Australia, New Zealand, and Ottawa on his own for business.

Between 2000-2005, Tom studied in Brussels, went to Cuba, went to Ireland, and spent five torturously hot months in the Horn of Africa during the summer. In 2004 I lived in Madrid for four months and went to France, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Tom’s Belgium pictures and my pictures from my 2002 trip to the UK will probably not be posted here as they were taken on film (remember those?) cameras and I simply do not have the patience for scanning. If he wants to show you Cuba, I defer to him to work our scanner.

How do you pick your destinations?

Combination of factors, really, but the big three are:
1. One of us (or both, preferably, but that never seems to happen) has never been there (example: Charleston, Savannah);
2. There is a sale on airfare (ex.: Chicago) or is an easy drive (ex.: Shepherdstown);
3. We know someone in the city that will allow us a couch or relatively clean scrap of floor for us to sleep on (ex.: Pittsburgh, Chicago) for free.

Based on criteria 3, our friends in Laramie, Seattle, and San Francisco ought to be expecting a call from us soon. The invitation extends both ways–anyone who puts us up for a long weekend (or whatever) may expect a free, clean apartment in which to stay and a tour of wherever we may happen to live. Just email us first. We are trying desperately to get out of the country on a trip, but a combination of factors (re: other obligatory trips–weddings, anniversary celebrations, holidays–that, while we are happy to take, keep sucking the lifeblood from our travel budget) are preventing the exodus out of country.

Whatcha using?

Given our current living arrangement and the fact that I (ostensibly) photograph things as part of my job, I have custody of the Canon DSLR. I shoot primarily with a Canon 24-70L lens on a Digital Rebel body (yeah, I know, I can’t afford an upgraded body just yet). When I’m feeling like a challenge I also use a fixed-length Canon 50mm F1.4.

Because I like tiny technology and tiny bags, I have a lovely little 6 megapixel Canon Elph PowerShot SD600 that is about the size of a credit card and fits nicely snuggled up with my Razr in my wristlet. At the moment, Tom has custody of that camera. Highly recommended if you want idiot-proof photos.
We both own Macbooks and edit photos almost exclusively in iPhoto. For cards and other design work, I use open-source software called GIMP. We cannot recommend both enough.

Why “Traveling Monkeys” for your site name?

…Seriously? Have you seen my arms? Or Tom’s ears?

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