New York City

Long time, no post.  This is from our Memorial Day weekend trip to New York City, now almost-former home to our friend Kelley and from what we saw, a lot of sweaty designer knockoff purse merchants.  On Saturday we walked from 92nd St. and 2nd Ave. down to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, walked the length of Central Park, down to the MoMA, took the train to Brooklyn for some good beer, and then walked from Borough Hall back to Manhattan and up 2nd and 3rd Avenue back to Kelley’s apartment.  I am very grateful to the makers of New Balance for such a solid sneaker.  Oh, we took a lot of pictures, too.
I haven’t actually seen the movie Big, but Tom tells me that this is an integral part of the FAO Schwartz experience.  I was more impressed by the Apple flagship store nearby, but it was a little geeky to take pictures there.

Tom took Sunday to take more pictures in Central Park while I looked for shorts with Kelley.  I have never seen such a crush of humanity as I saw at the Macy’s flagship store.  But Tom got some nice shots of the park:

Kelley’s boyfriend Jeff and Tom crossing the Brooklyn Bridge:

Aaaand the Bridge itself: