Home Team

In planning the move to Hawaii, I’ve thought long and hard about what to do during the football season.  I love the New England Patriots; I have never had any interest in another pro football team.  Growing up, I had only had the vaguest awareness of Boston College as a football powerhouse and never followed any other college football team.  Never followed any college team at all, for that matter, with the exception of the University of New Hampshire men’s hockey team.  Even then I didn’t really care all that much; it was just something to talk about during study hall.

Hawaii has no pro football.  Hawaii is also a six hour time difference away from the Patriots home country.  NFL Direct TV is an option, but I find myself becoming interested in the University of Hawaii Warriors.  Not because I suddenly fell in love with the idea of college football but simply because they are, in every sense, the only game in town.
So off to ESPN.com I go to educate myself in the ways of college football.  Hawaii plays in something called the WAC, the Western Athletic Conference, with a bunch of other state schools from California and a bunch of desert states I’ve never visited.  Imagine my surprise to discover that Hawaii has an 8-0 conference record!  And an 11-0 overall record!  They’re on the leaderboard with teams that I actually recognize, no small feat in my Patriots-centric universe.
My new love affair is off to a promising start.  I may have to buy a Warriors t-shirt.