There is nothing quite so spiritually soothing as exorcising one’s possessions and packing them into cardboard boxes.  Moving, especially over a distance like Washington to Hawaii, is a wonderful excuse to cleanse the bookshelves and DVD towers and wardrobe.  It’s all well and good to toss a few books into a garbage bag for a cross-town move, but when the distance in question is 5000+ miles, do you want that MLA Standards Handbook from your husband’s freshman year of college following you to Honolulu like a bad smell?  No, you do not.  

On the other hand, packing is like a funky game of 3D Tetris.  You know you’re losing the game when you start yelling at your hardbound copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare for being fat and insolent.
Because Tom will be arriving in Hawaii well in advance of our household shipment and I will be spending two months in Maine, we actually get to live out the question “If you had five books to bring to a tropical island, what would you bring?”  Granted, we get to cheat a little because we won’t ever be more than a thirty-minute drive from a Borders, but it’s a fun exercise.  We also unearthed an old CD case or two and made a similar list of DVDs.  My winners for books:
The Alchemist
A Prayer for Owen Meany
The Stand
Job Hopper

The DVD list was longer and not as indicative of my tastes; Erika has a number of my favorites and I gave Tom custody of all three seasons of “Arrested Development.”  It did include Stranger Than Fiction, Pulp Fiction, Zoolander, and Animal House.

We are out of tape, so it’s time to give up for the night and open up some wine.  Tomorrow: photographs, framed photos, and the “cold weather” clothing.