Hey everyone! Sorry that I have been aloof from this blog, but maintaining more than one sometimes is just too difficult. Of course Deanna has three, so I really can’t complain. So I arrived in Hawaii exactly a week ago. The last week has been full of new and different experiences. I am glad that I made the trip and that we are eventually going to live here, but I just haven’t settled into life here yet. Everything still seems really temporary. Probably because I am eating out and living in a hotel for the next month, but that is beside the point. That said here is what I have been up to the past week.

Last Friday, I decided to get up early and climb Diamond Head. I really did have good intentions at the start, but I was a little frustrated when I couldn’t find the access road to the top. Finally, after walking around almost the entire base of the extinct volcano, I was able to find the trail to the top. It takes about 30 minutes to get the top, via a trail that is meant more for donkeys than humans. The views from the top though are spectacular (pictures are coming soon I promise)! The day afterward though I felt exhausted and sick, probably a combination of sushi and moving non-stop for the past few days. Sunday though I felt much better and decided to not watch any of the football games. Instead, I was able to visit the Fort DeRussy Army Museum, which has a really great exhibition on coastal defense fortifications around Hawaii. 
Monday through Friday have been devoted to work and getting setup there. My morning looks something like this: walk down Waikiki beach for one mile to find car (cheapest garage I could find), commute to work (45 minutes), work till about 4PM, commute home (1 hour), dinner and sleep. The food in the area is pretty good, but expensive. Honolulu is after all a tourist destination, so you pretty much can find a lot of chain restaurants that cater specifically to tourists. 
Not sure what I plan to do this weekend. Hopefully it will involve heading up to the North Shore after visiting some potential apartments. I will also pick up a USB cord so I can finally upload my photos.