There isn’t much to do in Maine, even less when your closest companion is a week from her due date, but I have started working out a lot more than I used to in DC.

I discovered after consistent weighing that I have lost, since being my heaviest at 200 in August, about 25 pounds. Today was the day that I realized that the scale is sticking around 175 instead of inching back up closer to 180, and I am psyched. It has been slow going, and the details are boring (ask if you care) but I finally feel healthier. The BEST news is that my arms are starting to catch up with my legs in terms of strength, and taking on nice musculature and tone. Long ago, I made peace with the fact that I have Scandinavian shoulders and legs mixed in with Mediterranean hips. It is silly, and potentially dangerous, to think that I should be much smaller than I am. I would look unhealthy. However, my target is to be about 160, give or take about five pounds for water weight or monthly cycle. That’s close to what I was before I discovered the Belgians make a tasty, tasty beer and that American University Eagle Bucks were accepted at Domino’s Pizza. Most importantly, I want to tone my arms and shoulders and upper back to look good in a bikini; this isn’t vanity, this is a direct by-product of moving to a tropical island. It’s not unreasonable to think that I will spend a great deal of my free time on the beach in a revealing garment. There is nothing more horrifying than someone in a little slip of a bathing suit when they should legitimately be wearing a bathrobe. My parents live on the beach, and I know this is ironclad truth.

So, fifteen more to go before I hit Hawaii. Wish me luck, kids.