Hurry up and wait

At the hospital with Erika and Erick, updating people via the internet.  At noon she was dilated to two and a half cm, and while she didn’t appear to have any other signs of labor her blood pressure was high enough to be sent off to the Mercy Hospital Birthplace.  She is bound and determined to have this baby today, and if anyone can will a baby out of their body, I have no doubt that it is she.

In other news, I brought my laptop so I could watch movies in the waiting room and pleasantly discovered that Mercy has free Wi-Fi.  I tell you, it is a GREAT time to be alive.
Updated: 7:52pm.  Inducement may not happen tonight; depends on the lady who moves between Mercy and Maine Medical who is qualified to do those things.  In the meantime, contractions have actually started and are coming about 20 min. apart.  Erika is starting to look less like a spunky-if-round 9 months pregnant woman and more like a woman in labor, which is to say, girlfriend looks like she feels crappy.  
Updated: 4:45am.  Inducement happened around midnight-ish; we left once Erika was comfortable enough to take a sleeping pill and knock off for a few hours.  Barring a phone call from Erick, Catherin and I are reporting back around 7am.  She has been able to sleep; I am on 70mg a day of Vyvanse and coffeeeeeeeee and several Diet Cokes and I’m fairly certain I could go through to Friday without so much as sitting down, so I’m up for the duration.  Last we knew, Erika was uncomfortable but progressing well and the baby was healthy as can be, kicking up a right painful but ultimately fruitless contraction prior to inducement about every 20 minutes or so.  Mostly just to say “You know, I could come out.  If I wanted to.  Which I don’t.  (Neener.)”  We suspect the baby is mocking Erika; between that and his frequent nighttime dance parties we expect him to be born a teenager.
Updated: 10:41am.  Pushing.  Waiting with 1/2 of the Poulin family.  Pushing is taking longer than I had thought, but I am still holding out hope for a morning baby.