Dispatch from HI

A few notes from Tom, who cannot recall what his Blogger log-in is:

“Random Hawaii Post:

Just thought I would jot down some random things that I have come across in Hawaii:

McDonald’s Value Meal: Not so value worthy here. In order to get a meal you need to shell out at least $8. Hoping this is cheaper away from the beach, even though I don’t eat there but once a month (at most). Handy to know though, most value meals come with “fresh pineapple slices.”

Changing Lanes: It appears that the state has forgone the traditional yellow lane lines and went with white instead. To make things more interesting, they like to add in a lot of sold lines, especially on the highway. I’m almost sure that one day will get pulled over for crossing one of these lines for an illegal lane change.

Hey Big Boy!: Since I have been here I have been propositioned by five ladies of the evening. They don’t even try to hide the fact of what they are doing. They just stroll up and down Waikiki, without regard for any law enforcement.

That isn’t Smoke: One of the coolest things I have seen was coming over a hill one morning and just seeing what looked like smoke from a brush fire. It wasn’t, it was the mist off of 20′ waves that was about 60 feet high.

Diamond Head is the Hawaiian equivalent of the Eiffel Tower. It doesn’t look like it is too far away, but by the time you get there you are friggin exhausted. I recommend driving even if you have to walk a mile to your car like I do.

There are a lot of homeless people living on the beaches. A lot of them appear to be Vets, who seriously need support from something other than the street. That said there is a contingent who take pride in grossing out the tourists. The other day, one guy pulled off a three foot hanging snaught rocket, sending a group of Aussie tourists into a tizzy. Well played sir!

Apparently side walk cleaning is an essential part of the day, despite that fact that it will likely rain five to ten times throughout the day. By the way, a handy thing to keep in mind, always carry a jacket (especially during the rainy season), because it rains even when there are no clouds in the sky.

Chipsters are in heavy rotation on Waikiki.

Speaking of the beach at Waikiki, it is nice, but it really isn’t my kind of place. I mean the beach is nice, but how it ever made the Travel Channel’s Top 10 is beyond me. Don’t get me wrong it is relatively nice and the surfing looks good, but there is also a steady stream of barge and commercial boat traffic that obscures this bucolic view.

The Mormons have a huge compound out here, not as big as the temple height wise in Chevy Chase, but close.

Next time I get up to the North Shore, I need to try their shrimp plate. You just drive along the road and you can just smell the shrimp cooking and “it smells like victory.”

Don’t think about wearing anything white outside of Honolulu. The red dirt will dye your clothes in a matter of minutes, especially should any rain happen to fall.

Seeing sunrise and sunset over the water and on the same day is awesome!”