Apartment and Eco-Living

Dispatches from Tom: pictures of our new apartment in Mililani are up! So far, it seems as though Tom can ride his bike to town, which he did for the caucus. It also seems like there’s a decent amount of sunlight coming in that big living room window in the afternoon, so I can hang plants from the ceiling and we can grow some of our own basil, which, woo! Fresh basil that doesn’t cost the earth and sky is hard to find, and it’s such an easy plant to tend as long as it gets sunlight.

I’m hoping that since Natalie Norton was kind enough to link to my other blog, I might maybe possibly have some readers based out of Oahu who can give me some tips: are there “community gardens” in Hawaii? Our apartment complex in DC had a community garden but a) the neighborhood was full of little pint-sized vandals and b) the air around a city has to be pure poison, so I felt a little squicky about growing edible things there. Also, where is a good place to get organic groceries? Trader Joe’s, my all time favorite grocery chain, hasn’t made it out there and Whole Foods is just so horrifyingly expensive.

As you may have guessed, my ecological views are born from a laziness and cheapness that are bone-deep. Cost-wise, it makes sense to use a straight razor instead of buying cartridges; that I’m not throwing away those blade cartridges is just icing on the cake. It is cheaper to use a paste made of baking soda and a squirt of castile soap to clean the bath tub, and no chemical headaches aside, than it is to buy harsh sprays and scrubs. It also smells nicer. Going green isn’t always cheaper (see: buying an organic mattress instead of the horribly toxic regular alternatives) but it often is, and I am cheap. At some point I’ll do a post on the cost breakdown of the things I have replaced around the house with a green alternative.

But in the meantime, if a plant in the window doesn’t work, I’d love to find that community garden…