Portland Memory Scrapbook

(Credit for the idea and format goes to Mighty Girl)

The local rock station, WCYY, is moving into a new station and in cleaning their stuff, they are resurrecting the music from their “vault” that hasn’t had much airplay since the station first debuted. So the majority of their tracks for the last two weeks have been circa 1994-1999. Days of the New, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarten, good Pearl Jam–it’s been awesome.

People in Portland have a specific walk. Hands in pockets, coat zipped to the top, leaning into the wind or leaning back depending on which way it’s blowing and if they are walking uphill or downhill. Couples try to incorporate some minor snuggling into the walk but are not often successful.

There is no way to sneak up behind someone on a deserted side street. The crunch of sand, salt, and cracking ice is just too noisy.

The Waterfront smells fishy, but like cooked or fried seafood and not like rotting nastiness. There’s a difference and it’s a subtle one, but it’s there.

The tobacco/head shop up the street sells salvia divinorum to anyone over 18. Maine is pretty lax on that one. They also have a pretty incredible selection of bongs for being less than a mile from an elementary school, as this is a pretty suburbanized part of Portland.

There are very few post office branches in Portland, comparable to the size and population of the city. I can think of two off the top of my head and they are less than five minutes away from one another.

Interstate 295 is REALLY poorly lit.

Portland Public Works will pay for your tire repair if you have a blowout going over a pothole. This is really useful information because the roads are horrific. They are also running low on their salt supply for the year and each snowstorm makes for increasingly slippery driving.