Item 1: baby photos by Erika.  Owen has such wonderful little expressions.

Item 2: Painting and the apartment redesign.  Phase 1: Kitchen is mostly complete except for a few spots that I need to touch up with the new color where the tape left bare spots and with the original color where the new color bled under the tape.  I’m not thrilled with this tape, as you can tell.  We’re going for a “surfer mod” look in the kitchen and living room; a great deal of this community sprang up in the 1960s and the cabinets/wall finish are reflective of that.  The kitchen itself is a rich, warm brown that Behr calls “double chocolate.”  In the living room and hallway we are painting the walls bright aqua–“liquid blue”–with the brown as a border halfway up the wall.  In the bedroom, we are going with a single accent wall of tangerine orange to go with our pink and orange sherbet sheets.  For the guest room, we are splitting the walls into “quadrants” and using gradient shading to go from a dark green to a light green.  It sounds weird but I promise it will at least look…interesting.  But for now, we just have the kitchen done.  Almost.

Three Weeks

I’m almost to three weeks in Hawaii, so, Memory List time!

1. It is much colder at night than I expected. It is also much windier.
2. Between 3-5pm we can usually count on a rainbow or two appearing in the east window.
3. The back country roads look like Scotland in high summer, except with palm trees.
4. Nobody cares if you’re too fat to wear a string bikini, thankfully.
5. People DO care if you’re walking around with a terrible sunburn, and they will comment.
6. Shrimp plates are things of wonderfulness.
7. All of the sprinklers watering public areas of Mililani are likely on at 2pm. This is useful information when riding a bike in the afternoons.
8. It is hazier than I expected.
9. It is very strange not seeing any train tracks anywhere.
10. Pineapple slices are available “on the side” just about everywhere.
11. Our apartment complex always smells like grilling meat, and that’s a-okay with me.
12. Appliance deliverymen remove their shoes before entering the house, probably in direct defiance of OSHA.
13. Honolulu is a mass of one-way streets but if you bear west long enough, you will hit H1 and eventually, H2 to get back to Mililani.
14. The beaches near Dillingham Airfield are practically deserted.
15. After never owning a coffee maker, I now brew about four cups of kona coffee a day. And I like it.


Please, people, have your pets spayed or neutered.

In other, related news, I can tell you in excruciating detail exactly what it sounds like to be kept up all night to the sound of cats f***ing. And you really, truly don’t want to know.

Hawaiian Weekend

First, my bracket.  

You know what?  No.  I don’t want to talk about my bracket, GEORGETOWN, so…I shant.
The weekend was very interesting.  On Saturday I finished some paperwork, and then we decided to take on Diamond Head.  We arrived around noonish, purchased a bottle of nice cold water, and wore appropriate footwear.  The signs said 0.8 miles to the top, and I thought I could certainly achieve that.
Now would be a good time to mention that I suffer from low blood pressure and pre-diabetic blood sugar fluctuations.  Not full-fledged diabetes, but my doctors pretty much concur that it is an inevitability.  Suffice it to say that without a proper breakfast, I was seeing squiggles before the last set of stairs.  I reached for the chain fence to steady myself, and it was not there; I stepped toward a bench and there was a step down that I did not see.  Staggering in near-total whiteout, I sat down before I fainted, and in doing so nearly toppled headfirst over the chain down the damn mountainside.  I sat there for ten minutes regaining control of my stomach.  A three year old boy from a Spanish family (and God bless my other country, I adore Spaniards) offered me his Pringles in commiseration, which was incredibly sweet of him.  Once I stopped seeing triple, I dragged myself up to the top and what do you know?  Honolulu has a lovely skyline!  It’s a pretty city and I’m proud to call this place home.  I made it back down the mountain and chugged a Gatorade and felt MUCH better.  
Sushi for dinner, movies, and a few Kona Longboard Ales.  Excellent Saturday, near faint-and-vomit spell notwithstanding.
Today we went up to Dillingham Airfield, across from which there is a lovely and mostly deserted beach with a refreshing breeze.  We talked to Tom’s family (hi, D&D!) and swam for a long time, then a nap on the sand.  The backs of my thighs look a touch like medium-rare sirloin, but I think I’ve found an acceptable sunscreen to carry me through.  There was some dithering, solely on my part, as to whether or not I should remove my t-shirt and reveal my string bikini.  You see, my weight loss hit a wall once I stopped taking Vyvanse not too long ago, and I’ve gained about ten back.  Once we GOT to the beach, however, I realized just how many people have deluded themselves into thinking that they look totally fantastic in teeny, tiny garments and I felt fine about shucking the tank top coverup.
Pork loin roast for dinner, and tomorrow, meeting with a staffing agency.  Cross your fingers for my eventual gainful employment.


March Madness, Or: Things That Annoy Me About My Bracket This Year, Even Though I Picked By Flipping A Coin, Playing Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Moe, Or Asking Tom For His Opinion:

1. Connecticut. Thanks a LOT, guys.
2. Drake. Ditto you.
3. My husband, when asked for his opinion on Georgia vs. Xavier: “Oh, Georgia is so hot right now.” Thanks, MUGATU. 
4. Me. Who picks Georgia over Purdue? *shakes head sadly in recognition of own idiocy*


From my friend Catherin, in an email regarding planning a bachelorette party for someone back in New England planning a Hawaiian wedding: “Most of my ideas are for in Maine. (sorry, but the whole damn wedding is coming to you so you can deal. )”

Thaaaaaat’s my girl!  Hee.


The most obvious sign I have aged is upon me, and it wasn’t what I thought it would be.

Right around my thirteenth birthday, I was diagnosed with a sinus infection.  The summer before my fifteenth birthday, that sinus infection was corrected with a really disgusting surgery, the specifics of which are gleefully shared in loving detail to whatever audience I have captive.  But that makes for a year and a half of solid sinus infection agony, not including the Aftermath (if you’ve never had cotton packing appear out of your nose like a magician’s scarf, sans anesthetic and assisted by steel tongs and a vacuum pump, you are missing out on one of life’s little joys) wherein I couldn’t breathe through my nose for six weeks.  

For a year and a half, I had debilitating sinus migraines located directly behind my right eye, the one good eye the Higher Power in his/her wisdom decided to grant me.  I don’t recall it slowing me down that much.   During that agony, I remember getting up and going to school, getting honors-level grades, going to dances, ambling around halfheartedly (we shan’t call what I do in warm-ups and sneakers ‘running’) on the track team, and skiing at LEAST once a week during the winter.  Karate twice a week, summer camp, baby sitting 40 hours a week for family.  And I went to a three-day concert festival in Lincoln, NH where the dust was so thick we coughed black for a week after.  This was three weeks after my surgery.  
The day of my surgery, a Thursday, I came home to a stockpile of comedies on VHS, changed the drip pad under my nose (yum!) on my own and took narcotic-level painkillers ONLY to sleep through the night.  The rest of the time I just used strong Tylenol.  The Tuesday after, I quite literally bounced into the doctor’s office for my follow-up with very little pain, swelling, or bruising, and certainly no more bleeding.  There was a man there in his 50s who had undergone the same surgery.  He still had a pad under his nose to catch the bleeding, and we found out from his wife that he had the same procedure on the same day as I had.  We found that out from her because he was still utterly stoned on painkillers and if I had pulled a gun on him and threatened his life if he could not answer, he couldn’t have told me what day it was.  His wife and my doctor’s receptionist just shook their head at me–bleach blonde with a slight summer tan (as much of one as I ever had, anyway), relatively pain-free, and bouncing along the road to recovery.
All this is by way of saying that this sinus infection, this particular round of debilitating migraines…this is the first time I’ve felt more like the guy in the waiting room than the fourteen year old.  This time I’ve been totally and utterly knocked down for the count, and today is the first day in almost a week where I’ve felt like I could get out of bed and stay upright and functional for more than three hours.  Also, my hair is kinda brown now and I found a ton of gray in it this past fall, and that sucks almost as bad as the sinus infection.  I’m not so blonde or bouncy anymore.

Four out of five

Forgive me while I whine a little bit.

Landed Monday night, been on the island for five entire days, and spent four of them dealing with Incapacitating Mystery Illness. The main symptoms are a low-grade fever, which has since broken and not spiked back up; sinus…goo, which is new as of last night; and the one constant, a persistent headache drilling into my temples, behind my eyes, and pulsing down through my jaw. I’ve dealt with migraines my whole life but typically once they go, they STAY GONE. This one will let me off the hook for a few hours and then come back and wallop me. I am certain the headache is responsible for the pain in my right eye and the random clusters of flashing light I keep seeing. That’s annoying in and of itself, since I prefer my ONLY eye to cooperate with me.

I’m told Hawaii is really pretty. I’ll let you know if I get a chance to see any more of it. Today I made it up long enough to go with Tom to an orchid show, where I discovered that the autofocus on my camera body isn’t really cooperating. Like, at all, regardless of the lens, the autofocus is dying. We did buy a pretty flower, though, hopefully we won’t kill it by accident. We left at 11:30 and I crashed back here at 1:00 and have been asleep since then. That’s about standard for how my days have gone.

Hawaii, I *want* to like you, but between you breaking my camera and re-enacting the blitzkrieg on London inside my skull, you are making it REALLY DIFFICULT to be happy with you.

Day 3

Why, hello, Jetlag Migraine!  I had been expecting you a bit earlier.  Oh, no, no problem, I wanted to lose an entire day hallucinating in bed with a flashing-light headache and fever.  You just stay as long as you’re comfortable.

Hrmph.  Here’s hoping tomorrow goes a bit better.  Like, can leave the confines of my bed before 7pm, better.