Four out of five

Forgive me while I whine a little bit.

Landed Monday night, been on the island for five entire days, and spent four of them dealing with Incapacitating Mystery Illness. The main symptoms are a low-grade fever, which has since broken and not spiked back up; sinus…goo, which is new as of last night; and the one constant, a persistent headache drilling into my temples, behind my eyes, and pulsing down through my jaw. I’ve dealt with migraines my whole life but typically once they go, they STAY GONE. This one will let me off the hook for a few hours and then come back and wallop me. I am certain the headache is responsible for the pain in my right eye and the random clusters of flashing light I keep seeing. That’s annoying in and of itself, since I prefer my ONLY eye to cooperate with me.

I’m told Hawaii is really pretty. I’ll let you know if I get a chance to see any more of it. Today I made it up long enough to go with Tom to an orchid show, where I discovered that the autofocus on my camera body isn’t really cooperating. Like, at all, regardless of the lens, the autofocus is dying. We did buy a pretty flower, though, hopefully we won’t kill it by accident. We left at 11:30 and I crashed back here at 1:00 and have been asleep since then. That’s about standard for how my days have gone.

Hawaii, I *want* to like you, but between you breaking my camera and re-enacting the blitzkrieg on London inside my skull, you are making it REALLY DIFFICULT to be happy with you.