Three Weeks

I’m almost to three weeks in Hawaii, so, Memory List time!

1. It is much colder at night than I expected. It is also much windier.
2. Between 3-5pm we can usually count on a rainbow or two appearing in the east window.
3. The back country roads look like Scotland in high summer, except with palm trees.
4. Nobody cares if you’re too fat to wear a string bikini, thankfully.
5. People DO care if you’re walking around with a terrible sunburn, and they will comment.
6. Shrimp plates are things of wonderfulness.
7. All of the sprinklers watering public areas of Mililani are likely on at 2pm. This is useful information when riding a bike in the afternoons.
8. It is hazier than I expected.
9. It is very strange not seeing any train tracks anywhere.
10. Pineapple slices are available “on the side” just about everywhere.
11. Our apartment complex always smells like grilling meat, and that’s a-okay with me.
12. Appliance deliverymen remove their shoes before entering the house, probably in direct defiance of OSHA.
13. Honolulu is a mass of one-way streets but if you bear west long enough, you will hit H1 and eventually, H2 to get back to Mililani.
14. The beaches near Dillingham Airfield are practically deserted.
15. After never owning a coffee maker, I now brew about four cups of kona coffee a day. And I like it.