Item 1: baby photos by Erika.  Owen has such wonderful little expressions.

Item 2: Painting and the apartment redesign.  Phase 1: Kitchen is mostly complete except for a few spots that I need to touch up with the new color where the tape left bare spots and with the original color where the new color bled under the tape.  I’m not thrilled with this tape, as you can tell.  We’re going for a “surfer mod” look in the kitchen and living room; a great deal of this community sprang up in the 1960s and the cabinets/wall finish are reflective of that.  The kitchen itself is a rich, warm brown that Behr calls “double chocolate.”  In the living room and hallway we are painting the walls bright aqua–“liquid blue”–with the brown as a border halfway up the wall.  In the bedroom, we are going with a single accent wall of tangerine orange to go with our pink and orange sherbet sheets.  For the guest room, we are splitting the walls into “quadrants” and using gradient shading to go from a dark green to a light green.  It sounds weird but I promise it will at least look…interesting.  But for now, we just have the kitchen done.  Almost.