San Francisco

Tom and I are, if I may say so, relatively seasoned travel pros, but we made a big-time misstep.

Thanks to ATA and Aloha Airlines’ recent closures and our own bad timing, we missed the $500 flights to San Francisco while waiting for our new reward-friendly credit card to come through.  There is a certain window where flights are relatively inexpensive in between normal costs and then the last-minute price jumps, Friday was the day, and we thought we had a little more time to wait and use the new credit card.  (Note to Dad: for reward point building only!  PSA: Do not use credit cards unless you can pay for the item in cash up front, use credit cards only to build reward points and, ya’ know, credit.  Considering the state of the economy, we are going to be sitting somewhat prettily throughout this recession with our combined credit card debt of $0.)  So we took a considerable bath on the increased fares and paid about $670 for each flight instead of $530.

Join me in a rousing chorus of “ouch.”
So the bad news is that Kauai is out for this spring, as the San Francisco trip takes priority and we aren’t willing to allocate any more money to the travel budget for the first half of 2008.  But one assumes that Kauai isn’t going anywhere, so we’ll look to Columbus Day for our long weekend on Kauai.  And the good news is that we found FANTASTIC hotels and campgrounds for California, and at least two nights of our lodging will be covered through our participation in the Avon Walk, so that’s even better.
San Francisco and Sonoma, here we come!
(Edited to add: was anyone else’s bracket screwed by North Carolina’s loss?  And did anyone besides Tom benefit from Kansas winning?  I suspect I might have placed higher than fourth–possibly even second or third–had I not been so poorly advised on Xavier.  Harumph.  But congrats to Tom, who took first in our NCAA pool!  A shame it was not a betting scenario, but a win’s a win!)