The last two Fridays have all been about relaxing. So normally we head up to the North Shore for some later afternoon swimming and unwinding on the beach. Last week, we were looking for a place to eat on the way back home and decided to take a detour through Hale’iwa. It was a good thing, because we came across Banzai Sushi. An initial look makes one a little wary that you are going to be eating sushi at a place like this, but looks are deceiving. Although there is a traditional “sushi bar,” the main part of the restaurant is a deck area, with regular tables and floor tables with cushions, which makes the dining experience unique. The sushi is exceptional, although sometimes cut a little irregular. In all honesty though, the presentation makes up for the fact that sometimes one piece of sushi is a little too short. Most days there is a Happy Hour menu, featuring California Tempura Rolls, Goyoza and beer. We normally settle on an appetizer of poke (pronounced po-kay) and a selection of maki or sashimi. Poke, which consists of onion, scallions, sea salt, sesame oil, red pepper and ahi is fantastic and apparently my wife could subsist on it. I would also recommend their Philadelphia rolls, California tempura rolls, Banzai rolls and poke rolls. Aside from the great food, Banzai Sushi also has another positive, it is about as far away from Honolulu as you can get, which makes the dining atmosphere far more local and less touristy.