North Shore Shrimp

Ever since I arrived in Honolulu in January, I have been refining a one day tour of the island for any visitors that decide to make it out to visit us. Of course any tour of Oahu requires a stop at one of the many Kahuku shrimp trucks on the North Shore. Now I have to say that I am a big fan of shrimp and an even bigger fan of places that look run down and dilapidated that serve food. I figure that if a place looks so run down that you wouldn’t want to eat there, but it is still open, then there is a reason why. The shrimp trucks fit that mold. Any drive along Kamehameha will bring you past dozens of trucks that are either plastered with graffiti or look as if the trunk hasn’t moved in over two decades. 

The first shrimp truck/shack that I visit is Romy’s. You can pick easily pick Romy’s out on Kam Highway when you drive past a small shack structure surrounded by tour buses and rental cars. In my opinion, it is the premier shrimp shack on the North Shore. They have a limited menu of either shrimp or prawns in either butter & garlic, sweet or fried, but they do each well. My favorite is the butter & garlic, which is well seasoned with garlic cloves. All meals come with a heaping scoop of rice. I have never had a bad meal here. The only downside is that you will have to wait in line for a long time if you go during the weekend. 
Fukumi’s, directly down the road from Romy’s is also decent option when looking for shrimp. Fukumi’s offers a variety of shrimp dishes and all meals come with pineapple, rice and a small green salad. Despite a more all around meal, I wasn’t impressed with Fukumi’s. Don’t get me wrong the meal was good, but the spicy garlic shrimp wasn’t that spicy and the shrimp seemed a little over cooked. Another positive to Fukumi’s is that you will get your food faster if you are in a hurry to get around the island. 
That said, eating at a shrimp truck is an great experience. It is one of the places that I have found so far where locals easily mix with tourists. Eating shrimp on the North Shore is also contact sport, so understand that you will get dirty and bring extra napkins and hand sanitizer!