At Waimea Bay…Every Body’s Gone Surfin’

We have been pretty active on the beach front over the past two months. Here is a list of some of our favorite beaches. 

Kahana Bay: Probably the most bucolic beach that we have been able to find since we arrived. Features a great sand beach, without a lot of wave action. This is the best place to spend a sleepy day with a book. The long stretch of sand is bordered by Aussie Pines and is relatively quite.
Laie Beach (Pounders Beach): Lots of shade trees to lay under and watch the waves. If the surf is up, this is a great place to learn how to body board. Some parts of the beach are rocky near the shoreline, so be careful. The park has a regular parking lot, with a shower. Laie is also close by the North Shore Shrim Trucks, an added bonus!
Sunset Beach: A great place to watch surfers! Since we have been here the surf has almost always been up, but this should calm down during the summer months. A high ridge, causes an extreme shorebreak and undertow. 
Shark’s Cove: This cove is a fantastic place to go snorkeling if the time of day and the tides are right. When the tide is out, it turns into a big wadding pool. Lots of sharp rocks and coral though so be careful!
Waimea Bay: One of the most famous beaches in all of the world! Great sand beaches rounding a cove. The waves here can be variable, from light to very choppy with a large shore break. We anticipate jumping off one of the large cliffs this summer when the weather gets better. Features a parking lot (which fills up quickly) and bathroom and showers.
Laniakae Beach: Probably one of our most favorite beaches. This is a great place to relax on a Friday and just watch the surf role in. Sometimes the beach here can be very choppy, especially with a rocky coastline. If your timing is right, you can see seals and turtles. Because of this though, you will be inundate with tourists wanting to take pictures of the beach. Also, there isn’t a lot of space. 
Haleiwa Beach Park: Located just outside the town of Haleiwa, this park has a narrow strip of beach, along with a parking lot, restrooms and showers. Not the greatest place to go for a swim, but if you are looking for a nice quite spot near restaurants and bars, then this is the place to go. 
Mokuleia Beach: Found on the far northwestern end of Oahu, these beaches are extremely private, but a little sun exposed. Little tree cover and the remnants of many a bon fire party can be found here. An offshore reef makes the beach a great place to swim.