North Shore Memoir

Notes on the North Shore:

Feral cats EVERYWHERE.  Diseased and sickly, in the bushes, prowling around trees, eviscerated by cars on the road.  It’s disgusting.  Same with the roaches–size of my fist and flying EVERYWHERE.  Before I leave Hawaii, I will have a rodent run over my foot while at work, I know it.  And yet I wear sandals every day.
…But also, peacocks!  Those are fun to look at.
And shave ice is a wonderful thing as well.  It’s a buck for a giant cone, way better than any stupid snowcone or Italian ice, like a snowball in your favorite flavor.
There’s no radio reception after a certain point on Kamehamea Highway, about 10 minutes north of the Dole Plantation.  There was talk of putting a gigantic radio tower in Hale’iwa, but the “Keep the Country Country” crusade battles on.  I’d rather listen to a CD and maintain the pristine skyline.  
The surf is a little flat right now but the ocean is lovely.  I definitely need to invest in some filters to get the glare off my camera when I take pictures in the afternoon.
As dressy as you ever need to be: sundress and sandals.  Bra optional.
Eddie Would Tow, or Eddie Would Go.  Those are your options.