Re: the last post, never in my life have I seen such dedicated navel-gazing and self-involved dithering as on the modern-day blogosphere, and boy, did I contribute.  😀  The insomnia’s getting to me.  Tom’s gone and I like sleeping next to him; wards off the anxiety and the nightmares.  He also forces me to go to bed whether I’m tired or not.  Left to my own devices I stay up until half past dark o’clock and then can’t fall asleep on my own.

Anyway!  Tom is going back to Maryland again in June, and I’m taking a poll: What would people from the DC area like him to bring back?  Options:
Special pineapple-cutting utensils from the Dole Plantation
Local bath/body products
Macadamia nuts
Keep in mind that he has to get through Customs–no, Hawaii is not a foreign country as some people seem to think (see #3, I weep for the future generations) but he will be making a pit stop in Canada for a week before.  So, what do y’all want?!