Husband Traveling Timeline

I was remiss in not posting my own timeline, so here we go:

1980-1998: Numerous family trips to the Smokey Mountains, Jersey Shore, camping trips throughout Florida, college hunting trips up the east coast and Nebraska/South Dakota. Formal trips to San Francisco/Northern California/Lake Tahoe, Colorado, Philadelphia, Williamsburg, Alaska, Victoria, Seattle, Hawaii, northeastern New Mexico, New England, Dollywood and Virginia.
1998: Banff National Park in Canada
1999: Key West
2000: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Luxembourg.
2001: Ireland and Cuba 
2002: Cooperstown, New York
2003: I was poor there were no trips.
2004: Still somewhat poor.
2005: Djibouti, Ethiopia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Trips to Maine
2006: July 4 in Maine, NYC, Savannah and Charlestown.
2007: NYC and Chicago
2008: Planned trips to San Francisco and Kauai