Be Interested

One of my favorite websites posted an essay about three years back called “25 and Over.”  It’s a manifesto on the standard of behavior to which anyone who’s reached a quarter-century should be held.  Personally, I think this is generous and should be “20 and Over,” but that’s me.  I’ve been meeting a lot of people here, which has gotten me thinking a lot about this passage of late.  

“Get a library card, go to the movies, participate in the world. Working is not living. Be interested so that you can be interesting.”

Certainly something to keep in mind.  No point in having a blog if you can’t indulge a bit of self-centered pondering, but in general conversation, that’s a great one to remember.  Know a bit about politics, join a book club, take a class, but man, your life can’t be 100% about your family, your job, or your family and your job because you will become so boring that people will actively avoid you.  
Be interested so that you can be interesting–good words to live by.