Oh Canada!

So, I’m still away from home, but I wanted to tell you all about my side trip to Ottawa, Canada. First of all, pictures will up as soon as I find a cord to add my photos. Sorry! I had the feeling that Ottawa was gonna be a fairly cool city. It is one of those cities that I don’t think I would have visited on my own, but was looking forward to visiting. I was disappointed. About my only knowledge of Ottawa was what I learned from the Canada exhibit at Epcot Center. This knowledge is limited and somewhat flawed as the video is probably over twenty years old now. 

For starters, the city is just beautiful. A lot of the architecture is the same, green tin roofs and lots and lots of stone. These buildings have their own beauty though and differ greatly from the neo-classical style of much of DC. But that is only a portion of the city, the government side at least. If you happen to cross over the Riddeau Canal you find yourself in ByWard Market, the heart of the city’s nightlife. Think of a Canadian version of Ybor City or the blocks around Gallery Place/Chinatown. This five by five block area is centered around an Eastern Market style plaza with about a hundred restaurants, bars and places to shop. 
Because it is a capital city, Ottawa has a lot going for it culturally speaking. Like DC, Ottawa has a vast array of museums (most you have to pay for) that are diverse and surprisingly up to date. I was happy to find a variety of food options, including Indian, sushi, Thai, Spanish and African. No surprising, the city is very current and cosmopolitan, but very accessible. In the end, I found that Ottawa is a lot like Brussels, Belgium. Essentially a great city to live in, but a terrible city to visit because visitors might find it difficult to find things to do. I say, enjoy the city for what it is, a quaint capital city with much to offer the tourist and the resident.