California trip itinerary:

July 3: Fly from Honolulu
July 4-6: San Francisco
July 7: Leave SF, drive north through Bodega Bay along the coast to Sonoma
July 8-10: Camping in Sonoma and Napa Valley. Wineries, a trip to Culinary Institute of America, and Tom was a good sport and agreed to be the other half of my couple for a coupon I found for a spa that does discounted mud wraps for couples. Compromise, people: the foundation of any marriage.
July 10: Leave wine country, head south through Berkeley to drop off the rental car in Oakland
July 11-13: Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, San Francisco. We’re on the Route Marking team, which means driving all over San Francisco and that we actually get to sleep at night, which is new and different for an Avon Walk for me.

My cousin Mark’s response to the mud wrap deal:
“Have you ever heard that song ‘I’m Still A Guy’?  ‘Boys, we lost another one!'”