Home Again!!

We’ve been back from California for about a week, and wouldn’t you know it that once I’m finally done editing our photos that our Smugmug site is down for maintenance.  *Shakes fist*  Anyway, we had a wonderful time; as Tupac and Dr. Dre once observed, “California knows how to party.”  

Trip Highlights:
Drunks in Haight-Ashbury singing the Imperial March from Star Wars at 3am on July 4th
Reunion with my college roommate, Whitney, who rocks socks
Multiple champagne tastings
The grass at Crissy Field in San Francisco: this grass is MAGICAL, people.  Sleeping on that grass with my mattress pad was more comfortable than my actual bed. (In other news, we are debating buying a new mattress.)
Trip Lowlights:
100+ degree heat–in the EVENING–in Napa and Sonoma
Mild sunburns
Running into my boss at the baggage claim at Honolulu Airport.  So much for my plan to go in late.