Q&A: The “You’ve Successfully Peed On A Stick!” Question Series

How far in?  
About 5-6 weeks.

Isn’t it customary to, uh, WAIT to tell people until the first trimester is over, miscarriage risk being what it is?
Well, yeah…but we’re really excited.  And I figure I’d reach out for support and comfort from folks if that happened, and if it’s not going to work out, we at least got to celebrate with our nearest and dearest (and as much of the internet as I can reach) as well.

Were you trying or was this a souvenir of all those wineries?
A little Column A, a little Column B.  We decided to let nature take its course and it did so REALLY DAMN FAST.  We’ll be holding that fact over the little sprat’s head, along with viewings of “Fifteen and Pregnant,” when it’s old enough to date and we need to scare some birth control sense into them.  I’m equal parts stunned that it happened so FAST and deeply grateful that it happened, well, so FAST.  We have neighbors pricing out ART and well, I don’t HAVE 50K to devote to getting knocked up.

Tom, for his part, is walking around saying “Search and destroy, motherf****r!” and making pow-pow fingergun motions in the direction of my abdomen.

Due date?
About two weeks to either side of April 3.

What does Tom think?
See above re: “Pow-Pow!”

How do you feel?
“If it makes you feel any better I have heartburn radiating in my kneecaps.” — Juno.   Yeah.  That.  And more tired than I was that semester of college we decided alcohol was more important than sleep.  Otherwise fine.  No barfing yet.  And thrilled to pieces.

Best reaction?
My sister, Erika:  “You’re pregnant!  That’s awesome!  I’m NOT pregnant, that’s also awesome!”

Honorable Mention: My uncle David.  “I’m having a baby.” “Ah, how lovely.  …Whose?”