It’s good!

Second big doctor’s appointment today. Weight the as last time, so based on the funhouse mirror version of my torso that’s taken up residence, I assume I’ve lost weight in some places and redistributed it all to my front. Official due date: April 4. And the blob of yolk sac actually resembles a person! A teeny, tiny person, to be sure, but a person with a heartbeat and arms raised “touchdown!” style. I found an approximation of the position the fetus has taken:

Football not included.

So, all’s well. Next appointment in 4 weeks, but we’ve passed into the magical “less than 3% chance of miscarriage” range. And I was so excited to see the baby on the screen that I managed to suppress vomit for the whole sonogram. Go Team Sea Monkey!

And one more thing…this video is awesome.

I’m registered as an independent, although I definitely skew pretty far to the left on most issues. Overall I like the Mind Your Own Business philosophy of the libertarians, but it’s not an exact fit. I would vote, and have voted for, moderate Republicans (the Senators from Maine are great), assuming I believed in their policies. But I think McCain/Palin is a serious mistake, one that chills me down to my toes when I think about four more years of ultra-conservative, fundamentalist “leadership.” The video is a more lighthearted look at things, but I’ll happily punch the Obama/Biden ticket come November.