Hello, all. Hang-wringing aside, I think I just had to get that last post out of my system. A last regurgitation, if you will, as I have not been ill since I wrote it. I’ve felt kinda sick, sure, and the food/smell aversions continue, but I no longer fear the idea of eating because I know in about half an hour I’ll be sick. It’s a happy feeling.

The source of my nausea TODAY, however, is our first baby-related purchase. Cloth diapering is cheaper than disposables and we are lucky to be able to do that with our baby. However, the initial investment is far greater than with disposables, which are a more gradual suck on your bank account. We decided to go with all-in-ones, which are more expensive than traditional cloth anyway, because we are fundamentally lazy people. We also thought that all-in-ones would go over better with a babysitter should we have to put the wee sprout in daycare. We decided to buy a six-pack per month, starting now, to bring us to the recommended 30 by the time I deliver.

So a six-pack of these lovelies in assorted colors (butternut, grasshopper, clementine, ribbit, moonbeam, and zinnia for the curious–I have no problem dressing a girl in blue or a boy in pink, gender isn’t defined by Crayola after all) and a dozen of these wipes just ran us about $120 after shipping. And yes, Virigina, I am going to wipe my child’s ass with Egyptian cotton, and probably then wonder 16 years from now why my child is asking me to buy it a brand new car. Can you spell P-R-E-C-E-D-E-N-T?

When compared to a $700 billion bailout, it’s not that much, but my goodness, babies are expensive. Especially mine, it would seem.