Today’s handy advice from the “What To Expect” e-newslettter:

“Early pregnancy fatigue has you dragging, and you just want to crawl into bed. Unless you’re sick, give yourself a pep talk and get your butt moving. Figure out what motivates you. Are you trying to manage your weight gain? Stay flexible? Banish a case of the blues? Fit into a bikini next summer? Or just get in shape for delivery? Remind yourself that exercise will help! And don’t forget to reward yourself for reaching mini goals (for example, you worked out five days this week so treat yourself to a manicure).”

Seriously, all I have to say to that is f*** off. I’m going to take everyone’s advice and sleep now while I have the opportunity. I, er, also am a mite cranky. Hormones and whatnot.

In other news, our first set of diapers came today, and my, are they precious. Fleecy soft and brightly colored, and the Egyptian cotton wipes are lovely. If our child ever disputes our love, we can always tell them that from they day they were born until the day they were out of diapers, they have only known the joys of 100% cotton butt care. That’s love, people.