Game: Items for which I have had cravings in the last three weeks

Players: My willpower/ability to procure item vs. strange and maniacal womb

Craving: Moe’s Italian Sandwiches, extra meat and cheese, just oil, no tomatoes or olives
Craving factor: 10
Availability: None, nearest Moe’s location is roughly 6000 miles away
Point: Womb

Craving: Poke, a Hawaiian dish made with ahi sushi, chiles, onions, scallions, and soy sauce
Craving factor: 5
Availability: High
Drawbacks: No ahi allowed due to mercury content
Point: Womb

Craving: Root beer floats
Craving factor: 3
Availability: High
Advantage: A&W Drive-Thru Floats less than 3 miles away
Point: Me

Craving: Onion soup in sourdough bowl (like from Panera Bread)
Craving factor: 8
Availability: Medium (no Panera locations on Hawaii, easy enough to make at home with correct ingredients)
Drawback: inability to find sourdough bread, lack of patience/sourdough starter at home
Point: Womb

Craving: Oreos
Craving factor: 2
Availability: High
Drawback: Tom can, and has in the last three days, eat an entire package by himself. Fortunately, he bought two packages
Point: Me

Final Score: Womb 3, Me 2

Pregnancy isn’t quite kicking my ass, but the craving for a Moe’s very well may get me before this is all through.


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