Week 16

Today was my week 16 appointment. It turns out that not all cramps are pre-eclampsia, miscarriage, or the turning of the uterus completely inside out. So when experiencing those cramps, you shouldn’t Google any of those things. Especially when the urine sample contains no protein and I have had no spotting or other unpleasant fluids escaping my body. It did, however, contain a fair amount of bacteria. Please do not ask me how I ended up with a bladder infection without getting a UTI first and with no attendant pain whatsoever, because I assure you that I do not know. The upside is that one of my coworkers was sent home yesterday and ordered to stay there until Monday to recover from a nasty bronchial infection/head cold, so while I’m feeling a trifle poorly, the antibiotics for the bladder thing should effectively carpet-bomb all the other germies in residence. In the meantime, a toast of cranberry juice and acidophilus pills to the end of cramping.

In other news, the baby kicked the heartbeat monitor. *whump whump whump THUD whump whump whump* 16 weeks old and it already resents us trying to establish communications. I dread the teenage years. Urban legend says that predicting the baby’s sex is possible with beats per minute; it goes that under 140, boy, and over 140, girl. There’s maybe a 50% chance at accuracy in guessing, but our baby doesn’t even like to cooperate that much: the heartbeat clocked in at a perfect 140 per minute.

We haven’t decided if we’re finding out the sex, but gosh, Baby, can’t you play along a little?