Even though first-time mothers aren’t supposed to feel kicking until week 20 or so–at least, not kicking that they recognize as such–I got my first one two weeks ago. I feel them off and on, not every day, and mostly at night when I shift position. It’s a very cool thing.

We went on a spree of home improvement shopping on Saturday. We are the proud owners of a new bathmat (we’d just been using a towel since we moved into this apartment in, oh, February) with matching hand towels, and four brand new pillows. You know how you’re supposed to replace them every six months? Yeah. We really hadn’t since 2005 or so. I even shelled out for one of the cool memory foam pillows for myself. What I really need is a body pillow to keep from rolling on to my back at night, which I’ve heard is bad for the baby. My OB disagrees wholeheartedly with this assertion, but old wives’ tales die hard.

And that’s the news from here.