Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese Op-Ed on Prop. 8 in California

I used to work for HRC as an intern in college, and it was one of the most invigorating and inspiring offices I’ve ever had the privilege of working in. This whole Prop. 8 thing makes me so very sad. Sad for Californian couples, sad for the national GLBT community, and sad for so many of my lovely and wonderful friends who have been told–again–that they are less than deserving of equal treatment. Sad sad sad.

What did NOT make me sad, however, was my pedicure today (topic change! whiplash!). Friends confirmed that getting a pedicure simply because it is getting uncomfortable to paint my own toes does not make me a bad person (although it does make me a lazy one). The massage chair was well worth the price all by itself, there was no appointment needed, and I got to sit next to a 200lb tattooed biker fellow getting a full mani/pedi. Awwwwwwesome.