Twenty Five

In the last year, I:
Met and helped to care for my first nephew
Lived in Maine and moved to Hawaii
Took two photography classes and started building a portfolio
Got a tan, and lost it
Went down two pants sizes (and back up one, just recently ;-D)
Visited California for the first time and saw San Francisco, Berkeley, Napa, and Sonoma
Traveled all over the islands of Oahu and Kauai and made reservations to go to Maui
Decorated — with Tom — our whole apartment exactly the way we wanted to, paint and all
Got a job that I really like, with dilemmas and stresses that I can leave at the office
Voted in my second Presidential election and saw my candidate win
Made a baby

In the last 25 years, I:
Graduated high school and received a bachelor’s degree, both with high honors
Bought and paid off my first car, and traded that in to buy my first brand-new car
Bought and paid for two computers and a really nice camera lens that cost more than the computers 🙂
Arranged a vacation to Paris for my 21st birthday
Visited 46 cities in 9 countries (thanks, TripAdvisor Map!)
Published a poem in a journal
Killed several plants
Lived in four states and two countries
Got four tattoos
Learned and forgot how to speak Spanish
Kept myself completely out of credit card debt and paid off several grand of my school loans
Fell in love with Tom, and got married, and started a home
Started a family

Well. That calls for a helping of leftover stuffing and a nap. Happy 25th to me.