Slippery When Wet

Today my staff gets a preview of life while I’m on maternity leave. There are two main roads that go from our house in Central Oahu to my job on the North Shore, and today there’s a ludicrous amount of rain. A mudslide took care of one road, and flooding took care of the other. So I sent emails and made calls from home, but mine is not a position that lends itself to telecommuting and I feel rather hamstrung and useless. This would not be so awful if our first printer deadline were not tomorrow morning and the main printer deadline first thing on Tuesday, so this is an “all hands on deck” sort of week.

In other news, the Honda is in the shop getting the front end fixed and our insurance set us up with a rental for the week–a 2009 Jeep Wrangler XL. Not the light, regular sort of Wrangler that we used to drive back in Maryland, but a larger armored tank of a vehicle that requires my whole body weight to steer and to depress the gas pedal. A Honda Fit is a small car, cheerful and cute. The 2009 models are redesigned to look rather fierce, but the 2007 Fit has a happy expression. It’s perky. It’s responsive and light on its feet. It wants to help, dammit, and it won’t be happy unless you’re happy too. (I may have spent too much time anthropomorphizing my car.) The Wrangler XL wants to leave you on the roadside and go tearing off into the woods to run over some logs and ditches. Even though at five and some months pregnant it should have been scary, it was a bit thrilling to make it as far as I could on the way to work before I was turned back (damned radio report delays) in that beast. Reminded me of driving in snowstorms in our old Wrangler. I still really miss the Fit, though.