Sugar Sugar

Happy 2009! We have slacked and not posted about Maui, but it was a smashing good time. Well, about as smashing a time as we can have, given my need for an afternoon nap and inability to drink festive beverages. I promise I will write about it, but for now I have to spend my morning at the mercy of Gluuuuuu-co-laaaaaaa!

Glucola is the ghastly orange drink that I had to consume prior to the gestational diabetes test, which will take place in about forty-five minutes. I dreaded drinking the Gluuuuuu-co-laaaaa (should always be sung to the tune of “Riiiiiii-co-laaaa” like the cough drop ads) because I am not a huge sugar fan, but it wasn’t so awful. If you enjoy snack foods laden with the taste of artificial dye like Otter Pops or Kool Aid–and I do–this was a similar taste to those that wasn’t incredibly bad (although still yucky) when chilled. Think a slightly thicker, flat version of orange soda. You have to chug down the whole drink within five minutes and be at the lab, in the chair, and ready with the blood vials exactly 60 minutes later in order to get an accurate blood sugar reading for gestational diabetes. Fortunately the lab is approximately ten minutes from here–occasionally I love suburbia–and I could make the horrible gaggy faces and noises in the privacy of my own home.

So, wish us luck. GD is a manageable complication, but a complication nonetheless and I truly hope all turns out fine and spiffy.