**Edited to add: The nurse is no longer teaching the class; at least, not the next few. And tonight’s nurse was the exact opposite of last week’s–warm, accommodating, professional, and a big patient advocate. Feeling much better now.**

Because we are path-of-least-resistance types, we’re going the hospital route. Actually we’re going that route because our OB succeeded in doing what most people cannot, which is put my mind totally at ease and convince me that she’s 100% behind us and our decisions. That’s the big sticking point–she knows us, we know her, we all like each other, and we communicate well. Why alter that relationship?

However, because of that and because we already paid $100 non-refundable dollars and there’s a recession and my job security is a big ? mark right now, dammit, we’re going to finish the prenatal classes at the hospital. Which means five more weeks of the nurse, assuming they haven’t replaced her as an instructor. We gave our names when we made the complaint; I stand by my griping. I’m ready to see her and see if she says anything, apologetic or defensive or otherwise.

And by “ready” I mean we’re going to show up 5 minutes late, sit in the back, and sneak out. Hey, just because *my* doctor doesn’t perform episiotomies doesn’t mean this woman can’t get access to a scalpel.