A Letter to Our Baby

Good Morning Little One,

Right now you are perfect! As you sit in your little insulated Jacuzzi, you have not been affected at all by the outside world. Well that is not exactly true, as your mom and dad have tried their best to make sure that you are well nourished and receive an adequate amount of audio stimulation. But what I’m trying to get at is that the larger outside world has not influenced who you are at any discernible level. All you know right now is sleeping, sucking your thumb and your occasional womb gymnastics. That will all change in the next few days. Soon you are going to be barraged by sights, sounds and a whole host of stimuli that you probably will not know what to do with yourself.

Anyways, I should probably introduce myself. I’m your dad. Because of me, you will likely be a little awkward in school, have to wear glasses, get fitted for braces and if you are a boy, eventually lose your hair. I was born in Florida, but went to school in Washington, DC where I met your mom. I work for the U.S. government, but I am not your traditional bureaucrat. I shun suits and ties and prefer jeans and short sleeve button-downs. Because of my job, there will be times when I not be around, but it is not because you did anything wrong. Anyways, I will be teaching you the important stuff about life, for example, the importance of VORP in baseball statistics and how to eat Oreo cookies. But we will have more time to talk about things like that later.

Now let me tell you about your Mom. Your Dad met her while he was in graduate school, but they did not start dating until well after that. We got married in her home state of Maine and have been living in Hawaii for the past year. She has been amazing for the past nine months. I hope you get her smile, nose and laugh. From what I understand, your Mom will be mostly shaking her head and rolling her eyes as I attempt to teach you valuable life information. She is the love of my life, my partner in crime and my best friend and as you grow older, I hope that you realize how lucky you are to have her as a mother.

Each day hundreds of children are born into the world, but each one is born into a different set of circumstances. Over the past nine months, it has become abundantly clear that those circumstances are largely dependent upon your Mom and I. Both your Mom and I realize that we are the basic templates for your future self. Out of all of the influences in the world, whether it be the Internet, television, your friends or your school, we are the ones that will influence you the most. You are our first child, so I hope you understand that even though we are your parents, your birth and development is largely new territory for us as well.

Unfortunately, moms and dads are not outfitted with a crystal ball when you are born. Besides, where would the fun in that be? We don’t know what you will want to be when you grow up, whether you will prefer polo shirts over Hawaiian shirts or want to grow up to be a mechanic or a nuclear physicist. So it will be so interesting to see how you grow up and eventually become an adult. With that in mind, we will try to prepare you for all that you will face in life. We will never desert you, but we realize that at times you will need draw comfort from being alone. We will not always give you want you want, but rest assured, we will provide you with what you need. We will try to show you the world and all the beauty in it, but try to keep the worst parts out as best we can. But most importantly, your mother and I will give you all the love we can give you. Your Mom and I may not always succeed in our attempts, but we will do our best. Our lives truly no longer belong to just ourselves, it belongs to all of us, because you have made us a family little one.

Your Mom and I cannot wait to meet you!

– Love, Dad