Baby Boom

I have a large family. Not immediate family, but a lot of cousins. 18 on my mom’s side. My mom has four brothers and they have been rather prolific. They also tend to become parents on the youngish side; early 20s, not super-young but young enough that the grandparents can really enjoy long relationships with their grandkids. My grandparents are now in their early 70s and have 20 grandkids ranging from 30 to 8.

Our baby will be the sixth great-grandchild on my mother’s side, I think. (There’s a cousin with whom I have no relationship and I know she has at least one but she might have two.) Right now three of us are pregnant: me, ready to pop; my cousin F, who is exactly halfway with a baby girl; and M who just found out that she’s expecting. (My sister sent three cartons of baby clothes to us and I sorted and washed all of them; I hope M has a boy and then all of my nephew’s most adorable newborn outfits–winter-weight and fleece–will get another user.)

This is all very fun for Tom, as this sort of inter-family population boom is miles outside of his experience. He has experienced two Christmases with my mother’s family and come away both happy and slightly shell-shocked. I’m excited too; family holidays and Christmas are supposed to be filled with squalling babies and toddlers. It will be fun to do our part to make family events more noisy.