Our Parenting Philosophy

Some people do “attachment parenting,” some people believe in fostering total independence from the get-go. Us? We’re “path of least resistance” parenting, at least as it concerns the newborn phase. This note from http://www.askmoxie.org is the epitome of our parenting style.

“Therefore, in the first 12-14 weeks of parenthood you should take your lead from Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary. If your baby only sleeps on your chest with his/her head wedged up into your neck*, do it if you can sleep that way. If your baby only sleeps in the swing or sling or Amby hammock thing or car seat or car or front carrier or laundry basket or between you in bed or holding onto the cat’s tail or on the bathroom floor or in a tent in your backyard, do it. If you have to run the hairdryer, clothes dryer, white noise machine, “La Vida Loca” CD, or any other noise, more power to you. Whatever gets the maximum number of hours of sleep for the maximum number of people in your household, that’s what you should do. And when anyone asks you how your baby’s sleeping, just lie and say everything’s great.”

For the record, everything IS great! But I figure until she’s about three months old, we’ll do whatever works, and only that. And so far, it’s working out splendidly.