Sleepless Nights

Two sleep deprivation-induced incidents:

1. Maggie falls asleep nursing at 3am; I hand her off to Tom for a post-nurse cuddle and burp. Upon his return to the bed (no burping in bed due to projectile spit up), I, having dozed off, become convinced he hasn’t put the baby in her co-sleeper but instead stuffed her under the covers at the foot of the bed. I then repeatedly frisk Tom’s leg, convinced that it is Maggie, and can’t figure out why she has toes but no head. Fortunately I wake up all the way and realize Maggie is perfectly fine on the other side of me.

2. The baby makes her pre-nursing cooing noises–it’s like a two-minute warning to real “FEED ME NOW” fussiness. We try to avoid that stage if at all possible so I sit up, grab the Boppy, and position the baby to eat. She lets out a tiny squawk. Tom sits up and mumbles “S’ok Maggie.” He then stands up, picks up his pillow, cradles it to his chest, and bounces it gently while sleepwalking around the room while I say “Tom? Tom, the baby is fine, come back to bed.” Repeat twice more on subsequent evenings.

I think we’re handling this fine, but the lack of sleep is a killer.