Lucky Duck

We are recovering from about 5 weeks of houseguest fun, in which I saw more of downtown Honolulu than I ever have and drove a packed minivan–complete with infants and toddlers–through Waikiki at rush hour. But before I get into that, I have recently been informed that I will be a stay-at-home mom for the duration. The magazine I worked for laid off all but one employee and is going up for sale. All things considered I’m glad I don’t have to put Maggie into daycare, and I’m looking for ways to fill the hours. So far: joining a local photography club, baby yoga classes, possibly joining the Hawaii Breastfeeding Coalition, and considering going back to school for my graphic design certification. Possibilities!!

In the meantime, we are going to the Big Island to prepare for Maggie’s big trip to Maine in September. I am really looking forward to excellent Kona coffee straight from the source.