Saturday Thoughts

Some random things that I really love:

Listening to the father next door play with his son and his son shrieking “Again, Daddy, again!”

Maggie’s reaction when she starts nursing, whether it’s a quick snack or a long tank-up for the night, which is the same as a grown-up tucking into a fine gourmet meal: a full-body, face-relaxing, body unclenching “Ahhhhhhh.”

Tom playing a certain classical arrangement by Andrew Bird and Maggie’s immediate Pavlovian reaction: from irritable fussing to enthralled silence in under a minute. Seriously, that piece works EVERY TIME.

Mythbusters on Netflix InstantPlay.

Emails that say “We would like to print [or reprint] your article, how would you like to be paid?”

Reading issues of Budget Traveler while Maggie eats and dreaming of the places we’ll take her.

Putting a little of Maggie’s Method Baby Rice Milk and Mallow Shampoo into mine so my hair smells like marshmallows too.

Fridays spent at baby yoga, getting an iced decaf Kona coffee and sandwich at Coffee Gallery, and then ahi poke and Hawaii rolls at sushi date night at Banzai.

The way Maggie’s face lights up when Tom comes home for the day and says “Daddy’s home!”

The way she falls asleep next to me under the thick cotton baby blanket my aunt knit for her.