Goal Setting

Last year, one of my favorite bloggers put her Life’s To-Do list on her blog. In a long confluence of events, Intel agreed to sponsor ten items on her life list. They range from the humble (sparklers with her son) to the more grand (write a million dollar check to charity). That got me thinking. I’ve always been a big dreamer, but my follow-through isn’t always so great. I figured attitude is half the battle, so I decided a few weeks ago that I should make a list of five things I wanted to do by this time next year:

1. Be paid to write and/or photograph
2. Start a new school program
3. Create something beautiful for my daughter
4. Exercise regularly
5. Learn more about Hawaii–history, language, and things to do around Oahu

Well! Ask and ye shall receive.

RE #2: I was accepted to UH’s Digital Art program last Wednesday. It was a last-minute application so I don’t know if I will have the necessary (and in my opinion, really stupid since I’m not living in the dorms) MMR and TB paperwork in on time. I will have to play registration by ear but the program is a combination of photography and graphic design. Whee!

RE #3: Rummaging through my craft drawer, I found a ball of pink, orange, yellow, and green varigated silk yarn. I don’t know how much 145yds will knit, but I found a simple dishrag pattern that I know my left-handed aunt and mother can do (my aunt knit a beautiful, sturdy cotton blanket for Maggie using an adaptation of the pattern) so I am going to ask her and my mom to help me start it this fall in Maine. If it’s not enough for a full blanket, it can be a blanket for Dr. Drewbear, the bear my friend Andrew got her when she was born.

RE #4: Dr. Google found me a Couch-to-5k program that looks interesting. I may start it this week if weather permits!

And the best one is a combination of 1 and 5…

After some digging, applying, and sample-writing, I was hired by a travel start-up to write content for a guide to the islands. The pay isn’t much, but it’s all on my byline, allows me to stay home with the baby, and in time they may pay for me to travel to other islands. o_O I know! How cool is that?

So that’s what’s new here. Neat, eh?