Clothaholic Part 2

In my first roundup on cloth diapering, I mentioned that I was ordering cloth prefolds and Thirsties waterproof covers. Well! After using a few of those, I bought more when Maggie outgrew the extra-small covers. And after having those in rotation, I’m buying a dozen more prefolds and some more Thirsties covers.

Though the tag on the small size says 12-18 pounds, I estimate that Maggie is closing in on 15 (dear lord, where did my newborn go?!) and the covers are still fitting well enough (the tabs almost overlap when they’re on her) that I don’t anticipate needing to go up a size for a while. When she’s big enough to go into medium covers, I’m going to rethink what I’m using under them. I don’t think I will order prefolds in the next size up, and instead will go with cloth fitteds that are quicker to put on wriggly bodies.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and I think if I have learned nothing else about parenting in the last four months (and I assure you that I probably have not), it is that you do the best you can with the information you have at the time. Had I known that I would be working from home I might have gone this route from the start, but we thought she would be in daycare 30-40 hours a week and the BumGenius diapers were the most daycare friendly.

Side note: Actually, had we needed to go through with the daycare thing we would have discovered what Tom’s coworker who was considering cloth diapering found out: daycares around here refuse to use cloth. Period. No negotiation. She even brought one of our diapers in to show them that it was no extra work. They wouldn’t hear it. That kind of shocked me because a pocket diaper for daycare? So easy! No work at all for them! You just put it in a wet bag to go home at the end of the day. It’s not a regulation thing–I checked when we were researching daycare and there are no explicit rules forbidding cloth in the state regs, as long as the parent provides the bag and does all the washing. I haven’t asked but I’m guessing these facilities probably also pressure parents to send formula instead of pumping because it’s easier; I know that she couldn’t send glass bottles for her son’s milk (although that one I sort of understand) and had to go with the BPA-free plastic.

Anyway, digression over. On the second time around–apparently you really *do* forget how much pregnancy kind of sucks–we’ll use a lot more prefolds in the early stages, especially because it saves wear and tear on the expensive BumGenius ones. I have no idea if I’ll be working at home or in an office, but we’ll plan like daycare is a possibility.

In summation: Thirsties covers ROCK for the price. Never even a hint of a leak. (Wool covers are lovely but a) they are not in my budget and b) I do not knit so I can’t make my own. Rock ’em if you’ve got the cash or the skills, though.) Big thumbs up for the semi-old-fashioned route.