My promise to my daughter Margaret, age 4.5 months, in light of recent world conditions:

I will always love you. If you are gay, if you are straight, bisexual, transgendered. If you are super-liberal, if you are ultra-conservative, if you are Buddhist or if you are a Baptist. If you get a PhD, or a GED, if you become a lawyer or a plumber. If you have children at 20 or at 40, married or single or in a domestic partnership. If you drive a Hummer or an electric scooter. If you decide to dress like a sister-wife from Big Love or get a tattoo that says “Get It Here” on your lower back. I. Will. Always. Love. You, just as much as I do today, if not more, and only wish for your happiness and contentment in life.


If you get a credit card and abuse it, or allow yourself to be sucked into a lifestyle of “get it now” instant satisfaction that is paid for on dreams and financed terms, or fail to stick to a budget that is within your means, you and I are done and I will not bail you out.