Fun With Five Months

* Maggie has started napping during the day, making her incredibly pleasant and alert during her waking hours and allowing me to get some things done during the day.

* She has also taken an active interest in what goes into our mouths, reaching for our glasses and silverware as we have meals. (For obvious reasons, I try to keep her from grabbing at Mommy’s Special Grape Juice.) We really feel she is too young for anything but the MomBar (including those rice cereals), but for convenience’s sake we seat her in a high-backed chair while we eat and try to encourage curiosity about food. Usually we put toys in front of her but sometimes she gets a large tortellini or a big chunk of carrot (nothing she can choke on) to gnaw.

* Forsaking rolling almost entirely–she *can* do it but prefers to not–Maggie can lift her head and shoulders several inches off the ground and hold the position. As her ab muscles get stronger I think sitting up might be coming sooner rather than later. She also enjoys rolling off me if I put her on my lap, and from a supported sitting position she attempts to yank my shirt down and nurse upright. It’s awkwardly funny.

* Best of all, she laughs and hoots and hollers. At length. She’s so happy and laid-back.

I’m loving five months, y’all.