Sandy Cheeks

Before I got pregnant and had to spend every spare moment lying down so I wouldn’t fall off my feet, we went to the beach every weekend and I usually went during my lunch break. We’re slowly getting back into the habit.

Maggie does okay at the beach, though our attempts to take her in the ocean have been really mixed. It’s loud, it’s big, it’s cold, and much like her mother, Margaret has no tolerance for discomfort. When my parents came out and stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Maggie crashed out on the 500 thread count sheets and stared at me as if to say “Why don’t we live like this ALL THE TIME?” Because those sheets aren’t usually on sale, my love, and Mommy is cheap.

I truly have no idea where we’ll end up at the end of 2010, just that our time in Hawaii will be over and we’ll move on to the next location. The bulk of 2010 is looking kind of weird too, for reasons I can’t get into publicly just yet. What I can be sure of is that in the next place, there will be seasons. Ottawa is looking like a strong contender. Taking my Hawaiian-born daughter to Ottawa in the dead of winter seems worthy of a call to CPS, doesn’t it? I can’t wait until the day she discovers that she has to wear pants. And shoes. Not just for special occasions, either. Every day. It will blow my naked little hobo baby’s mind. And then I’ll introduce mittens, and oh, how she will scream.

But in the meantime, we’re almost 2/3 of the way through our time here. We’ve started making lists of things we must see before we leave, but mostly we’re just living in the moment. And what a pretty one it is.