A handsome, hard-working husband whose sense of humor is only outpaced by his generous heart. A man who has given me unconditional love and support; who has quite literally given me the world on a platter, mine to explore.

A healthy, vibrant, thriving daughter with spun-gold hair; enormous, expressive eyes that change color every day; a daughter with limitless curiosity punctuated by an infectious and joyous laugh.

A life of security, with good health insurance and reliable income; a life of creativity in which I am free to express myself through word and craft. A life with so many family and friends who are healthy, happy, and who bring untold hilarity and humor into my life. How they make me smile.

The depths of my gratitude are limited by words. May we all be so blessed.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Saturday is my birthday. I already have everything I could ever want. And for that, I am so thankful.