Quick shout out to Crunchy Clean detergent, which I just ordered last week and which came in today. I got the sampler pack of regular in five scents and a sample of cloth diaper detergent in rosemary-peppermint essential oil. Y’all, this stuff is AWESOME. It’s affordable, environmentally friendly, supports a small at-home business, and smells clean and light and generally fan-frickin’-tastic. Oh, and it works. We decided to make the switch from Tide and I couldn’t be happier.

Prompting the switch was an incident a few weeks ago, when Maggie and I went to Costco to get another enormous bin of Tide powder to replace the one that was dwindling. We gave up dryer sheets in favor of wool dryer balls a few months ago and gave up fabric softener last year, so we have very lightly scented laundry. We turned down the aisle and we were both so bowled over by the harsh chemical scents that we teared up. Maggie had a sneezing fit and I got an insta-migraine. Not something I want permeating my clothes anymore, thanks.

We have guests this week so I’ll wrap this up fast, but I hope 2010 is being nice to you. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled snarkage later this week and I promise I won’t write about my laundry anymore.

ETA: Thanks to the really irritating FTC rules, I should say I didn’t get any money for saying I liked this product. Y’all would know if I got a sponsored post because I would be like “Hey! More people than my mom read this*!”

*Even my mom doesn’t read this. I don’t think so, anyway.